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We Spray Paint Kitchens and more...

At QuikSpray Kitchens, we are experts in respraying kitchens, wardrobes, fireplaces and upcycling furniture to bringing new life to the centre of your home. We use specialist cleaning methods and only work with the highest quality paints to ensure your beautifully finished kitchen will be hard-wearing and easy to clean for years to come.

Kitchens are sprayed in just one day with minimal disruption to the family home as the system we use eliminates the need to take any kitchen doors away for 3 to 4 days at a time. We offer an efficient and reliable process which will instantly update your whole kitchen.

We are a Dublin based company servicing all counties of Ireland.

We Spray Paint Kitchens and more...


  1. We arrive at your residence at 8am when we proceed to take off the old handles of all the cupboards and drawers (there is a free replacement on all handles on the day if needed). All we require is to have all drawers empty, countertops clear and any glass cabinets also empty as we spray the inside of the cabinets.
  2. We then start to seal off all cupboards, cover counter tops, walls and floors to guard surfaces against any excess spray.
  3. We sand all the wood that is being sprayed to remove any old varnish or paint that may disrupt the spraying process or contaminate our paint.
  4. We then clean all wood with a de-greaser to remove any contaminants and only then will we start the spraying process. All kitchens receive the 5-star treatment of three coats on the front and back of each cupboard door and drawer.
  5. When spraying is finished we reassemble your kitchen and re-fit all handles.

We now accept all credit/debit card payments for your convenience.

Happy Customers

"Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness. The kitchen looks great, like new and we have received so many compliments already. It was wonderful to know that you were so attentive to detail and delivering a great service."
John Kilpatick
"Quikspray Kitchens did a magnificent job and completely revitalised our kitchen. They were very efficient and completed the job quickly without any major disruption. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to update the look of their kitchen."
Linda Dennehy

About Us

At QuikSpray Kitchens, we pride ourselves on using the highest standard wood innovative paint. We use a high-quality polyurethane paint made by Sayerlack, Italy, which is renowned for its very high standard in wood finishes. This type of paint is the extremely durable and hard wearing whilst also giving an excellent finish to your kitchen cabinets.

QuikSpray Kitchens is a reliable and experienced company and we know exactly what it takes to achieve the perfect finish on any type of wood or laminated kitchen. Spraying your kitchen is an easy and quick way to refresh and up-cycle any tired looking kitchen without the expense and disruption of replacing your entire kitchen.